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 ClassiX Self-Inking Custom Stamps  :  ClassiX Self-Inking Round Stamps
ClassiX Custom Round Stamps

Meet your new favorite stamp; once you try ClassiX you'll never go back to your old brand of stamps again. Don't see the size you need? Find more size options on our Inspector Stamp page.

ClassiX brand by Xstamper is the future in self-inking stamps and an excellent choice for your high-volume stamping needs. With an integrated re-inkable stamp pad built right in the ClassiX stamps feature a replacement cartridge that slides out without locking the stamp, resulting in less chance of getting ink on your hands.

ClassiX stamps require less pressure to make an impression because the slide mechanism is sturdier than its predecessors, offering a quieter, smoother stamping action. We get these stamps at a great price that we are able to pass on to you.

ClassiX P15 Stamp

Impression diameter: 5/8"

Customize 2 lines of text.

Price: $13.35

ClassiX P17 Stamp

Impression diameter:1/8"

Customize up to 5 lines of text.

Price: $21.65

ClassiX P16 Stamp

Impression diameter: 1 5/8"

Customize up to 5 lines of text.

Price: $24.00

ClassiX P18 Stamp

Impression diameter:3/4"

Customize up to 8 lines of text.

Price: $30.95

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