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Our staff has over 30 years of experience and can help you find the right stamp. We are here to help make ordering your stamps as easy as possible.

John Clark, OwnerJohn Clark, Owner

In 2001, John started Stamp-Connection with a dream of making rubber stamp shopping easy for customers. With the help of the MHCC Small Business Development Center and a small business loan, he sold $74,000 the first year. His company has continued to grow with each passing year and is one of the largest rubber stamp manufacturer's in the Pacific Northwest.

A proud member of the Gresham Rotary Club, John volunteers with Meals on Wheels as well as participating in many different programs that help people in our small community. John is easily recognizable on his multiple daily walks with his right-hand man, Frankie.

Frankie, GreeterFrankie Clark, Greeter

Every day for the last 6 years, Frankie has dragged himself out of bed and came to work at Stamp-Connection as the official greeter and perennial window treatment. Not a day goes by that a friend doesn't stop in just to say hi, usually with his or her owner on the other end of the leash.

Frankie has recently decided to get more involved in the local community and is looking forward to helping the local veterinary clinics with their annual pet food drive in the fall. He would like to remind you that everyone, even our four legged friends, need a little help from time to time. After all, that is what being part of a community is all about.

Ryan Beaudoin, Production ManagerRyan Beaudoin, Production Manager

Ryan was born into the stamping business and joined Stamp-Connection in 2004. Having built and worked with every style of stamp, he quickly rose to manage the production area where all of our stamps are made. He makes sure that the stamps we offer are the high quality our customers expect from us. 

As the father of three small kids, Ryan has his hands full when he isn't at work. He enjoys the great outdoors and is our resident gun expert.  

Dawni Everett, Web Content ManagerDawni Everett, Web Content Manager

Dawni joined the Stamp-Connection family in November of 2011 after leaving Yahoo! Small Business. With over 10 years in the technical industry, she helped create our new website and is constantly looking for ways to improve the customer experience. She also helps in other ways around our office, including answering phone calls and helping customers that walk in.

Living in Gresham with her husband and many pets, she is an active participant in our local knitting group that meets on Thursday nights at Littlelamb and Ewe. Easily distracted by yarn and other crafting supplies, she spends way more time and money than she should in craft and yarn stores.

Jon Morse, Graphic DesignerJon Morse, Graphic Designer

Eight years ago, Jon joined Stamp-Connection after graduating as a Graphic Designer and has been our main Type-setter ever since. He runs the Type-setting and Graphics department and takes advantage of his extensive graphic background to produce quality finished products and marketing.

With his 102 personal days each year, when he isn't enjoying creating his own freelance graphic designs, you can find him in one of the Portland areas many pubs. As an avid people watcher, the culture in the Portland metro area makes for some fascinating times.

Callie Boneck, Customer Service RepCallie Boneck, Customer Service Rep

Callie started working at Stamp-Connection in April of 2011 and has been a front office fixture ever since. Her job is to write up every order that comes in, whether it was checked out on the website, faxed, or emailed in. She helps answer phones and walk-in customers too.

On the weekends Callie goes on adventures and explores Oregon and Washington with her husband.  With her incredibly kind heart towards animals, she loves taking pictures of the nature she finds when she is out and about, as well as her two cats and pet turtle.

Abel, Xstamper SpecialistAbel, Xstamper Specialist

Abel started working with us part-time through the Alpha High School Vocational Program in 2004 and was hired on full-time in December of 2006. As our Xstamper Specialist he makes sure the lasers are working and that each Xstamper has the highest quality impression.

Fishing, camping, and hunting are where you can find Abel on the weekends and his vacations. He enjoys the great outdoors and loves spending that time with his friends and family. When he is feeling generous, he will share delicious, homemade Thai food from his mom with us.

Anthony, Polymer SpecialistAnthony, Polymer Specialist

In 2013 Anthony became a part of the Stamp-Connection family and hasn't looked back. As our Polymer Specialist he builds the self-inking, wooden, and acrylic stamps, trying to make sure everything is straight and complete. He steps in to fill any role we need, and is a great all-around worker in the knowledge he has built with all the stamps we have.

Anthony lives with his girlfriend and two boys and has a wide range of interests. He is just as able to talk about the latest political and socioeconomic situation as he is willing to discuss the latest Walking Dead episode with the girls in the front office. 
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