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 Where's George?  :  Kits and Accessories

Wheres George Wood Stamp Kit

The WG? Wood Kit includes a stamp rack to keep your area neat.

Price: $49.60

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Acrylic Wheres George Stamp Kit

The Acrylic WG? Stamp Kit lets you George on the go.

Price: $55.10

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Acrylic and Wood Stamp Cleaning Kit

The Acrylic Stamp Cleaning Kit helps maintain your stamps.

Price: $9.95

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Ideal Wood Handle Stamp Rack

This Stamp Rack will hold up to 8 knob handle stamps.

Price: $9.25

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Alignment Guide for WG? Round Stamps - ClassiX and Xstamper

Line up your WG? Round Stamp around the FRB seal.
For use with the ClassiX and Xstamper brand stamps.
Price: $1.50

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Wheres George Name Tag

Stand out at your next gathering with your WG? Name Tag.
Price: $11.00

Wheres George Temporary Tattoo - Small

Order the Small WG? Temp Tattoo for your next George gathering.

Price: $2.10

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Wheres George Temporary Tattoo - Large

Show your George pride with a Large WG? Temporary Tattoo.

Price: $2.10

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Palette Hybrid Stamp Pad
The Palette Pad is a 2" x 3" raised oval, allowing you to use a stamp larger than the pad surface.
Price: $9.90

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Palette Hybrid Refill Ink - 1/2 oz
The Palette Hybrid 1/2 oz. Refill Ink works with the Palette Hybrid Stamp Pad for any of your projects.
Price: $7.65

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Felt Ink Pad Size #1 (2 3/4" x 4 1/4")
The Felt Ink Pad Size #1 lets you use your favorite colored water-based ink with a dry pad or select 1 of 3 popular colors.
Price: $4.95

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Rubber Stamp Refill Ink - 1 oz
The Rubber Stamp 1 oz Refill Ink is the perfect size for a smaller water-based ink stamp to refill.
Price: $5.10

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Custom Rubber Stamps
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