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Stamp-Connection is a proud supporter of Stamp Stampede
  Stamp Money OUT of politics   StampStampede is about Americans trying to get money and corporations out of politics and changing things back to be by the people, for the people.

With tens of thousands legally stamping messages on our Nation's currancy to #GetMoneyOut of politics, join the fastest growing petition to amend the Constitution. The more people that order stamps and join the Stampede, the further the message will reach.

  Order Your Stamp   Will I get in trouble?
Click the phrase you want and then select from the stamps available.

Wood Handled StampsWood Handled Stamps - Large wooden handles make these easy to grip. Each stamp is cut down to the correct size for your chosen message.  These stamps require a separate ink pad.

Acrylic StampsAcrylic Stamps -  These see through stamps allow you to get perfect placement every time. They can be stored and carried with you. These stamps also require a separate ink pad.

Self-Inking StampsSelf-Inking Stamps - Made with a built in ink pad, these allow you to stamp a lot of money very quickly. Use water-based ink to re-ink every couple thousand impressions, or whenever the impressions begin to fade.

Pre-Inked StampsPre-inked Stamps - With ink built into the stamp, these are the longest lasting stamps offered. Only needing to be re-inked at 30,000 impressions, these stamps are long lasting. The oil-based ink is also waterproof, so even if the bills get washed, the message will remain.
Nope! It's fun, LEGAL, and a great way to get the message out.

Even their attorneys say so.

What else can I do?

Print out this brochure to pass out or hang in different locations.

Add a banner on your site to show your support. Get different banners here.

Follow these steps to help get the Movement Out

Find Out More

StampStampede Home Page

Order your Stamp

Why we need a constitutional amendment

Be a Better Stamper

Frequently Asked Questions


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A message from Ben & Jerry from Bill Kinzie on Vimeo.


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