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Address Stamps: Effortlessly print your address on any envelope, custom and pre-designed options available

Custom Address Stamps - Follow the Steps to Create Your Stamp

Adding your personal touch to anything is easy with a custom stamp. Customize your address stamp in 3 easy steps:
  1. Choose from our popular designs in the categories below
  2. Select the type of stamp that works best for you
  3. Customize with your address and information
Business and Personal Address Stamps Image
Business and Personal
Designer Rectangle Address Stamps Image
Designer Rectangle
Designer Round Address Stamp Image
Designer Round
Holiday Address Stamps Image
Holiday Stamps

Why are return address stamps so popular?

Stamps are cheaper than self adhesive address labels and require less hassle. Self-Inking address stamps will give you several thousand impressions before it needs to be re-inked. Self adhesive labels will cost you more than $30 to get less than 1,000 labels.

Use your return address stamps for many different purposes.

  • Self addressing your envelopes
  • Creating your own unique stationary
  • Making wedding invitations, greeting, and thank you cards
  • Filling out forms quickly
  • Give them as a housewarming or wedding gift
Each stamp is fully customizable with your information.

Business and Personal Address Stamps include the plain 3 Line Compact Stamps with 5 lines so you can add other lines for your website and phone number, or the Business Logo and added instead of a Monogram.

Designer Rectangle Address Stamps have multiple styles following the traditional rectangle design. From Monogram stamps to fancier designs that will make your address stand out on your envelopes, these are a fun addition for your envelopes.
Address Stamps

Designer Round Address Stamps are cute stamps that can be used on the back of an envelope for a fancier look, at the top of a sheet of paper to make your own custom stationary, or in place of having to write your family address each time.

Don't see the style you want? Upload your own design to the size stamp you want from the brand of stamp that works best for you.
Custom Rubber Stamps
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