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Washington Notary Seals

State of Washington Official Notary Stamp Imprint Guidelines

A notary stamp or seal must conform to the following requirements:

  • The stamp or seal must be either circular or rectangular;
  • If circular, the stamp or seal must be a minimum 1-5/8 inches in diameter
  • If rectangular, the stamp or seal must be a minimum 1 inch wide by 1-5/8 inches
  • The stamp or seal must contain the following information:
  • The words “notary public”;
  • The words “state of Washington”;
  • The notary public’s name as commissioned;
  • The notary public’s commission expiration date;
  • The notary public’s commission number;
  • The text on a stamp or seal must be at least 8 point font

  • The stamp or seal must be affixed in permanent ink and be capable of being photocopied.

It is extremely important that you guard your notary stamp and prevent others from using your stamp. The new notary statute states that “the seal or stamp should be kept in a locked and secured area, under the direct and exclusive control of the notary public,” which generally means that it needs to be kept under lock and key. Even if you work in a secure area, it is vital that the stamp not be accessible by anyone else, both to comply with the law and to ensure the sanctity of your notarial acts.