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A corporate or company seal is an official mark or signature of a corporation, and signifies that the document on which it is affixed is a formal, legally binding corporate act. Some states require the use of a corporate seal while others hold that the signature of an individual authorized to bind the company is the official corporate act.

With multiple options to order for your corporate seal needs, you can find the stamp or embosser that will work best for you. Scroll through our listings below, or design your own custom corporate seal from all of our round stamps.

Other Popular Business Stamps

Looking for more stamps to help your business? We've collected the most popular stamps right here.

Signature Stamps
Knob Handle Wood Signature StampKnob Handle Wood Signature StampPrice: $18.65
Shiny Signature StampShiny Signature StampPrice: $18.20
2000 Plus HD Signature Stamp2000 Plus HD Signature StampPrice: $31.30
Xstamper Signature StampXstamper Signature StampPrice: $40.50
Security Stamps
2000 Plus Large Security Stamp2000 Plus Large Security StampPrice: $19.90
2000 Plus HD Large Security Stamp2000 Plus HD Large Security StampPrice: $31.30
Custom Rubber Stamps
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