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Re-Banding 2000 Plus Date Stamps

While the year bands on your date stamp may have run out, that doesn't mean you need to throw out your old stamp. Many of the 2000 Plus Date Stamps can be re-banded, which is the process of putting on a new set of date bands that start with the current year. This saves you money since  you don't have to buy a brand new stamp.

Not all 2000 Plus date stamps are able to have the date bands replaced. Only the date stamps that match the image below are able to be re-banded. If yours does match, follow the instructions below on how to send your stamp to us for re-banding purposes. If it does not match, you will need to purchase a new stamp by browsing through our wide range of date stamps.
If your stamp matches the picture above and you want to get it re-banded, please follow these steps.
Send your stamp to our shop:

Re-Banding Date Stamps
109 NE Roberts Ave.
Gresham, OR 97030

Include information for where we should send the stamp back to and any other special instructions may be needed, as well as either a number we should contact you at for payment or a check for $31.45.
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