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Occasionally, we end up with overstock or stock left over from discontinued items. We have created this page to highlight these products and offer them to our customers at a price that is too good to pass up.

The products on this page are discounted heavily and are sold as-is for the price shown. They are available until the stock is gone.

Discontinued 1 Color Stock Stamps

1 Color Stock Message Stamps
Stock First Class Stamp
Stock First Class Stamp (1332)
Stock Rush Stamp
Stock Rush Stamp (1334)
Stock Canceled Stamp
Stock Canceled Stamp (1119)

Stamp Stampede

Stamp Stampede Example - Corportations Are Not People Word Bubble Design

Stamp Big Money Out of Politics

Join the Stamp Stampede movement by purchasing one of these discounted stamps. Stamp Stampede is a non-profit that is stamping bills in an effort to reduce the influence big money has on politics. Choose from several designs and stamp styles that are in support of this cause. All of these products are discounted, discontinued and only available while supplies last

Custom Rubber Stamps
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