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Custom and Corporate Seal Embossers

Make a Great Impression with an Embosser

Custom and corporate seal embossers from Stamp-Connection are perfect for your home and business plus they allow you to add personality and your unique style to documents. 

Contact us if you have any questions or concerns about making sure you get the right embosser for your needs. With over 30 years experience in the industry, our staff is happy to help.

Custom Embossers
Custom Embossers
Corporate Seal Embossers
Corporate Seal
Embosser Inserts and Supplies
Embosser Inserts

There are many great reasons to use an embosser.

  • As a super stylish alternative to traditional return labels on invitations
  • To crimp the paper on your favorite book before loaning it out
  • Create your own stationary with your monogram on fancy paper
  • Since they're virtually tamper-proof, keep your important documents secure
  • For an official look when having to impress someone

Embossers quickly become one of the most important tool on every desk. They provide a more business-like and professional air to any environment.

Want to use your own custom artwork? Embossers can be manufactured with your custom logo or artwork for an additional $25.00 to create a unique look or choose from a selection of stock clipart with carefully designed images that work well for standard needs.

We've done the research

Not all embossers are made the same. Many require more pressure than is comfortable or do not evenly emboss  on paper. With all of our experience, we have gone through multiple types of embossers and have chosen these embossers as having the best quality for our customers.

The Shiny handheld or desk embossers are engineered to create clean and crisp impressions with minimal effort on light and standard-weight paper (up to 26 lbs). Your embossed image will show easily and with the Impression Seal Inker accessory, can even be photocopied or scanned.

The Extra Long Reach Embosser is professional grade and able to handle slightly heavier paper as well as reaching up to 4 1/2" into paper. When you need the heaviest duty embosser, the Extra Long Reach Embosser will handle your job.

Limited Warranty on Embossers.

Due to the misuse of embossers making them inoperable over time, we cannot give refunds after 30 days. However, we are happy to repair any embossers that become inoperable to the best of our abilities.
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