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Wheres George Kits & Accessories

The essentials for tracking bills

Find inks, pads and holders for your Wheres George stamps. We also offer a variety of fun WG products like personalizable name tags for gatherings and temporary tattoos.

If you're trying to jump right into the currency tracking movement we also offer acrylic and wood knob kits. They come bundled with everything you need. Including inks, pads, storage containers and stamps featuring a gamut of Wheres George designs.

Wheres George Wood Stamp Kit

The WG? Wood Kit includes a stamp rack to keep your area neat.

Price: $52.10

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Acrylic Wheres George Stamp Kit

The Acrylic WG? Stamp Kit lets you George on the go.

Price: $55.10

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Acrylic and Wood Stamp Cleaning Kit

The Acrylic Stamp Cleaning Kit helps maintain your stamps.

Price: $10.45

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Ideal Wood Handle Stamp Rack

This Stamp Rack will hold up to 8 knob handle stamps.

Price: $9.70

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Alignment Guide for WG? Round Stamps - ClassiX and Xstamper

Line up your WG? Round Stamp around the FRB seal.
For use with the ClassiX and Xstamper brand stamps.
Price: $1.50

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Wheres George Name Tag

Stand out at your next gathering with your WG? Name Tag.
Price: $11.00

Wheres George Temporary Tattoo - Small

Order the Small WG? Temp Tattoo for your next George gathering.

Price: $2.10

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Wheres George Temporary Tattoo - Large

Show your George pride with a Large WG? Temporary Tattoo.

Price: $2.10

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Palette Hybrid Stamp Pad
The Palette Pad is a 2" x 3" raised oval, allowing you to use a stamp larger than the pad surface.
Price: $10.90

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Palette Hybrid Refill Ink - 1/2 oz
The Palette Hybrid 1/2 oz. Refill Ink works with the Palette Hybrid Stamp Pad for any of your projects.
Price: $8.45

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Felt Ink Pad Size #1 (2 3/4" x 4 1/4")
The Felt Ink Pad Size #1 lets you use your favorite colored water-based ink with a dry pad or select 1 of 3 popular colors.
Price: $5.45

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Rubber Stamp Refill Ink - 1 oz
The Rubber Stamp 1 oz Refill Ink is the perfect size for a smaller water-based ink stamp to refill.
Price: $5.60

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Custom Rubber Stamps
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