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Extend the life of your stamp with fresh ink and pads. Whether you need self-inking water-based stamp ink, oil-based ink for your pre-inked stamps, or quick drying alcohol-based inks and pads, you will find it at Stamp-Connection.

Not sure what you need? Call or email your questions and our customer service can help find the best option for you.

iStamp and MultiSurface Refill Inks
Oil-Based Refill Ink - 2 ozOil-Based Refill Ink - 2 ozPrice: $15.70
Oil-Based Refill Ink - 1/2 ozOil-Based Refill Ink - 1/2 ozPrice: $8.35
MultiSurface Refill Ink - 2 ozMultiSurface Refill Ink - 2 ozPrice: $23.75
MultiSurface Refill Ink - 6 ccMultiSurface Refill Ink - 6 ccPrice: $9.70
Custom Rubber Stamps
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