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Maryland Professional Seal Requirements

Each licensed professional may upon licensure obtain a seal of such design as the board authorizes and directs. An impression seal, rubber stamp facsimile, or digital seal is acceptable.

A Licensee's seal shall be a seal consisting of the pictorial device of the Great Seal of Maryland as a center, surrounded by the words "State of Maryland" and the licensee's name and license number. Also included should be the following words depending on the profession:

  • "Architect;"
  • "Professional Engineer;"
  • "Licensed Forester" and "Board of Foresters;"
  • "Certified General Real Property Appraiser;"
  • "Certified Interior Designer;"
  • "Professional Land Surveyor;"
  • "Landscape Architect;"
  • "Licensed Real Estate Appraiser;" or
  • "Licensed Residential Appraiser"
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