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Notary Seal Requirements: Maryland

The State of Maryland requires the use of an embossing seal or rubber stamp.

The notary stamp/seal must contain the name of the notary public as it appears on the notary's commission, the words "Notary Public" and the County (or City of Baltimore) for which the notary was appointed.

The notary seal may also contain a symbol or device chosen by the Notary Public, however the use of the Great Seal is prohibited.

To Order Your Seal:

Select the stamp you want to order from below, enter the appropriate information, and upload a copy of your notary commission before adding to cart and selecting any additional accessories.

Or you can download our notary order form below and fax or email your completed form and a COPY of your Notary Commission to us at 1-866-667-1552. 

Download this states Notary Seal Order Form

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Sample Rectangle Maryland Notary

Sample Rectangle Seal

Sample Round Maryland Notary

Sample Round Seal

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