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 MultiSurface Stamps  :  Extra Large MultiSurface Stamps
iStamp Custom Multi-Surface Pre-Inked Extra Large Stamps

When you need to stamp on a special surface, MultiSurface Stamps by iStamp are right for you. With a water-resistant alcohol-based ink, these stamps leave a near photographic quality impression on almost any surface.

MultiSurface stamps use an alcohol-based ink that dries in seconds on most surfaces and will not easily wipe off. Available in multiple sizes and fully customizable, these stamps are great when you need something to stay on instead of smearing. Use on plastic, paper, glass, steel, or any metal.

Please Note:

Care must be used to keep these stamps usable. They should be kept within their plastic bag when not being used to keep the ink from drying out. If MultiSurface stamps dry out, then a new stamp will be needed.

Due to how easily these stamps can dry out when not properly cared for, we no longer offer our lifetime warranty for them when they dry out.

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