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New Mexico Registered Architect Seal Requirements

Each architect registered for practice within the state of New Mexico shall secure a registration seal of the following design: The seal shall have two (2) concentric circles within the outer circle measuring 1-3/4 inches in diameter and the inner circle being 1-1/4 inches in diameter. The upper portion of the annular space between the two circles shall bear the words “STATE OF NEW MEXICO” and the lower portion shall bear the words “REGISTERED ARCHITECT”. The space enclosed by the inner circle shall bear the name of the architect and his or her registration number. In no event shall the seal contain more than one name of an architect.

New Mexico Professional Engineer and Surveyor Seal Requirements

Each licensed professional engineer shall obtain a seal/stamp. The seal/stamp shall be either the impression type seal, the rubber type, or a computer-generated facsimile. The design of the seal/stamp shall consist of three concentric circles, the outermost circle being one and one-half inches in diameter, the middle circle being one inch in diameter, and the innermost circle being one-half inch in diameter. The outer ring shall contain the words “PROFESSIONAL ENGINEER” or “PROFESSIONAL SURVEYOR” and the licensee’s name. The inner ring shall contain the words “NEW MEXICO”. The center circle shall contain the license number issued by the board. Any border pattern used by the manufacturer is acceptable.

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