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Notary Supplies


Find the notary supplies you need, from different types of notary journals to additional inks to extend the life of your stamp. Either order them online or download our Notary Order Form for your state to find the supplies that work best for you.

When you need affidavits, jurats, or commission expiration stamps we have a wide selection for you to choose from at

Soft Cover Notary JournalHard Cover Notary Journal"Official" Impression Seal InkerGold Embossing Labels
The Soft Cover Notary Journal is our most popular notary journal, with a high quality soft cover to easily carry.

Price: $17.30
The Hard Cover Notary Journal is a professional looking notary journal with tamper-proof sewn binding.

Price: $47.35

The "Original" Impression Seal Inker works with your embossed area

Make your embossed impression able to be photocopied

Popular for notaries and corporations

Price: $17.60

Add style when using your embosser

Use these labels with heavier weight paper with your standard embosser

Great with diplomas and certificates

Price: $10.90
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Thumb Print Ink Pad     
The Thumb Print Ink Pad lets you be prepared for any notary assignments that require a thumb print signature.

Price: $10.95
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Acknowledgment Stamps
Shiny S-857 Acknowledgment StampShiny S-857 Acknowledgment StampPrice: $21.30
Xstamper Acknowledgment StampXstamper Acknowledgment StampPrice: $47.25
Jurat/Affidavit Stamps
Shiny S-857 Jurat/Affidavit StampShiny S-857 Jurat/Affidavit StampPrice: $21.30
Xstamper Jurat/Affidavit StampXstamper Jurat/Affidavit StampPrice: $47.25
Attestation Stamps
Shiny S-855 Attestation StampShiny S-855 Attestation StampPrice: $19.40
Xstamper Attestation StampXstamper Attestation StampPrice: $40.50
Commission Expiration Stamp
Xstamper Commission Expiration StampXstamper Commission Expiration StampPrice: $40.50
Custom Rubber Stamps
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