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Oregon Notary Guide | Stamp-Connection.com


Can I become an Official Oregon Notary Public?

To be a notary public in Oregon, you must meet certain qualifications at the time of application:

  • 18 years of age or old 

  • Resident of Oregon or have a place of employment or practice in this state.

  • Able to read and write English.

  • Never had a notary public commission revoked during the 10-year period preceding the application date.

  • Completed a notary training course within the last 6 months.
    Note: Not required of current Oregon notaries with an active commission at the time the new application is received in our office.

  • Never convicted of a felony or crime involving fraud, dishonesty or deceit during the 10-year period preceding the application date.

  • Passed the Secretary of State’s Notary Public examination.

  • Not have been convicted of:

    1.) Acting as or otherwise impersonating a notary public as described in ORS 194.990;
    2.) Obstructing governmental or judicial administration under ORS 162.235 (1)(b); or
    3.) Engaging in the unlawful practice of law as described in ORS 9.160.

  • Not have been found by a court to have:

    1.) Practiced law without a license in a suit under ORS 9.166; or
    2.) Engaged in an unlawful trade practice described in ORS 646.608 (1)(vvv).

How Do I become A Public Notary:

For first-time Oregon notary applicants and Oregon notaries who are re-applying after commission expiration. A mandatory training course is required along with the application, exam and filing fee. you can read the Notary public guide by the secretary of state for more information on how to become a notary public. 


How Do I Replace My Notary Stamp Or Certificate:

If the stamp is stolen, breaks, wears out, a new certificate must be issued. This means you need to contact the secretary of state, before you may reorder a new one within 10 days. If the certificate is lost before you order a stamp, a new one must be reissued. You can learn more about making a update here.


Can I Use My Old Expired Stamp until a Replacement is Made? 

No, the old expired stamp should be destroyed as quickly as possible - ORS 194.295(2).


Required Notary Stamps & Supply:

The State of Oregon does not provide the stamps, journals, or other supplies that you will need as an official notary public. These must be purchased yourself. Stamp-Connection.com carries all the stamps, journals, and supplies you need to get notarizing.

Embosses are no longer used to notarize but may be used in an unofficial capacity as a protection device. An embosser should never be used in place of the official notary stamp.

The law states that all notaries shall maintain one or more journals in which the notary public chronicles all notarial acts that the notary public performs. Penalties can and will be incurred if this is not done. ORS 194.300(1).


Notary Stamp Ink Choices

You may use any ink color, so long as the signature is reproducible and legible when scanned for recording purposes. Black or dark blue ink is preferable.


How To Order An Official Notary Public Stamp:

Due to State Regulations, we must have a copy of your "Certificate of Authorization to Obtain or Manufacture a Seal" before we can manufacture your notary stamp. The notary stamp will use reflect the name and information exactly as listed on the certificate. If a correction needs to be made to the certificate, please contact the Oregon secretary of state.

You can upload a PDF copy of your certificate when viewing a notary stamp product page, under product options. Alternatively you may send it by fax to 503-667-1552 or email sales@stamp-connection.com. Along with


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