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ClassiX Replacement Pads


When re-inking your ClassiX stamp no longer increases the life of your stamp, extend its life with a replacement pad in your choice of 8 colors.

Find your stamp from the list and then select the color you need. Includes 2-Color replacement pads for the ClassiX Date Stamps and replacement pads for the standard size custom ClassiX stamps.

Round ClassiX Replacement Pads
ClassiX P15 Replacement PadClassiX P15 Replacement PadPrice: $5.25ClassiX P16 Replacement PadClassiX P16 Replacement PadPrice: $7.70
ClassiX P17 Replacement PadClassiX P17 Replacement PadPrice: $7.70ClassiX P18 Replacement PadClassiX P18 Replacement PadPrice: $7.70
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