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Elite Reversible Handheld Embosser with Stock Art

  Impression: 1" x 2"
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Embosser Stock Image
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Select from 21 available stock images to get a professional looking embossed image quickly and easily.

  • Impression area is 1" x 2"
  • Customize up to 4 lines of text and select from our 21 available stock images
  • Heavy duty metal frame provides years of trouble free embossing
  • Reversible plate allows you to emboss in two directions with one embosser
  • Precision crafted for crisp impressions on envelopes, stationery, foil labels
Embosser Stock Images

Limited Warranty on Embossers.

Due to the misuse of embossers making them inoperable over time, we cannot give refunds after 30 days. However, we are happy to repair any embossers that become inoperable to the best of our abilities.

Embossers are a favorite with notaries, corporations, engineers, and government officials around the world.

The "Official" brand of popular seal press offers unprecedented quality and durability, and works and feels as great as they look.

Just one impression and you'll appreciate the heavy-duty construction, ergonomic design, and patented precision components used to create a smooth, quiet embossing experience.

2000 Plus Embossers are perfect for home and business use.

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Price: $10.90
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