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Stamp Stampede - IStamp IS12 - Not 2 B Used 4 Buying Elections Stamp

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Price: $8.00

Voice your stance on money's role in politics with the 'Not 2 B Used 4 Buying Elections' IS12 IStamp.

  • Pre-Inked with red ink for best visibility on currency
  • Made with flash stamp technology tested for over 30,000 impressions
  • Flash stamps create crisp, clean impressions with minimal pressure
  • Take action against big money in politics by stamping dollar bills
  • These are discounted, discontinued and only available while supplies last

Stamp Stampede is a non-profit that is literally stamping dollars in an effort to Stamp Money out of Politics. This design is the 'Not 2 B Used 4 Buying Elections' design.

Optional Accessories

Extend the life of your stamp by adding one of these optional accessories.
Oil-Based Refill Ink - 1/2 ozOil-Based Refill Ink - 2 oz 
The Oil-Based 1/2 oz Refill Ink is just the right amount if you have a smaller pre-inked stamp, like an iStamp or 2000 Plus HD Series stamp, to refill. The Oil-Based 2 oz Refill Ink works perfectly with your multiple and larger sized pre-inked stamps such as iStamp or the new 2000 Plus HD Series. 
Price: $8.35Price: $15.70 
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