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Dural #1 Metal Inspection Stamp

  Impression: 3/4" diameter
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The Dural #1 Metal Inspection Stamp uses fast drying ink so it can be used on most surfaces.
  • Impression measures 3/4" in diameter
  • Made from lightweight aluminum
  • Base is made of acid resistant ebony plastic
  • Uses Mark II fast dry ink and comes with a FREE bottle of ink.
This lightweight aluminum inspector stamp has a re-inkable pad that is contained in the bottom half of the case.

Dural Metal Inspection stamps have many popular uses, including business cards, inspection markings on airplane parts or other metal fabrication, and photography watermarks. If this size does not work for you, click here to find other round stamps in multiple sizes or call us for help in finding the right stamp. 

This modern style pocket stamp is made of die cast aluminum.

The base is made of acid resistant ebony plastic.

A whole is provided in the aluminum body to allow insertion of a string, chain, or lanyard so that the stamp can be worn around the neck and always be ready for use!

The rubber or polymer die plate is cemented to the aluminum body.
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