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Mark II Fast Dry Ink Refills - 2 oz

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Price: $16.75

For use with the Mark II Fast Dry Ink Kit, the Refill Ink can help replenish the ink inside the pad.

  • Works on various non-absorbent surfaces including glossy paper, metal, foil, Mylar, and cellophane
  • Specially formulated ink dries in 10 - 15 seconds
  • Available in Black, Blue, or Red
  • Maintains great adhesion on resin coated photographic paper
  • USDA approved for food packaging

Keep your Mark II Fast Dry Ink Kit working longer with refill ink and reactivator.

Click here to download the MSDS sheet for Mark II Refill Ink.

Optional Accessories

Extend the life of your stamp by adding one of these optional accessories.
Mark II Reactivator - 2 ozMark II Fast Dry Ink Kit 
The Mark II Reactivator works with your Mark II Fast Dry Ink Kit for when the ink starts to dry out and become too thick to use.The Mark II Fast Dry Ink Kit dries in 5 - 15 seconds on most surfaces, making it ideal for your quick dry needs. 
Price: $13.25Price: $49.55 
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