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$5.25 Special

Ref No.: WG5.00 Qty:   Customize
Price: $5.25
The perfect starter stamp for the Where's George? novice or seasoned pro, order yours today.

  • The original Where's George? stamp as sold by
  • Set in 10 pt Arial font with centered text
  • Your order includes the 3 line Classic Where's George? Stamp and a Red or Blue ink pad

NOTE: We have manufactured a large quantity of the Classic Where's George? Stamps so that we can offer this special one time price.

Unfortunately, with this special offer we can not customize this stamp. However, any other stamp on our site can be customized to meet your specific needs.
Optional Accessories

Extend the life of your stamp by adding one of these optional accessories.
Acrylic Balloon Wheres George StampAcrylic Round Wheres George StampAcrylic Rectangle Wheres George Stamp
The Acrylic Balloon Stamp has a see through mount, so you will never worry about your stamp placement again.The Acrylic Round Where's George? Stamp prints a perfect round impression around the Federal Reserve Bank seals on all bills.The Acrylic Rectangle Where's George? Stamp has a clear base to make sure you place it exactly where you want it every time.
Price: $11.00Price: $11.00Price: $11.00
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