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Digital Professional FileKnob Handle Professional Wood StampShiny Professional R-552 Stamp
Price: $15.00Price: $18.65Price: $31.90

You do not need to select 
"Create a digital file of this impression"
if you are ordering a digital only stamp.

You will receive two file formats:
.jpg and .pdf files
Custom type set to fill requirements
Use for your digital
and online files.

Molded polymer, wooden handle
Requires separate ink pad
Works great wtih alcohol-
based fast-drying inks
Low initial cost

Molded polymer stamp
Water-based ink available in 8 colors
Re-inkable, self-contained ink pad
1000's of impressions without re-inking
Great for heavy-duty, repetitive stamping

2000 Plus Professional HD R50 StampXstamper N52 Professional StampShiny EZ Heavy Duty Professional Embosser
Price: $50.00Price: $61.95Price: $50.25

Pre-Inked with photo flash die plate
Oil-based ink for 30,000 impressions
Has dust cover to protect stamp
Near photographic quality
Low cost per impression

Pre-Inked with a laser cut die plate
Oil-based ink for 50,000 impressions
Easy, advanced re-inking system
Highest quality of impressions
Lowest cost per impression

Desk mechanism for easy use
Laser cut die plates
Needs 30% less pressure
Keep your original documents
more secure and difficult to forge

Custom Rubber Stamps
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