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Why choose Shiny Heavy Duty Self-Inking Number Stamps?

With a wide range of sizes, the Heavy Duty Number Stamps have the stamp that will best suit your needs for heavy stamping. The Steel frames are tested for over 1,000,000 impressions so you can be sure that the frame will not break, even under your heaviest uses.

All of our Shiny Number Stamps come standard with special characters and symbols on each band so they will have all of the information you need. Get the most out of your money with a Shiny Heavy Duty Number Stamp.
14 Band Number Stamps
Shiny H-6414 Number Stamp (5/32")Shiny H-6414 Number Stamp (5/32")Price: $68.50
Shiny H-6414/PL Number Stamp with TextShiny H-6414/PL Number Stamp with TextPrice: $80.85
16 Band Number Stamps
Shiny H-6416 Number Stamp (5/32")Shiny H-6416 Number Stamp (5/32")Price: $73.45
Shiny H-6416/PL Number Stamp with TextShiny H-6416/PL Number Stamp with TextPrice: $83.40
18 Band Number Stamps
Shiny H-6418 Number Stamp (5/32")Shiny H-6418 Number Stamp (5/32")Price: $69.95
Shiny H-6418/PL Number Stamp with TextShiny H-6418/PL Number Stamp with TextPrice: $85.85
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