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Texas Professional Seal Requirements

Every registered architect, interior designer, and landscape architect must procure a seal that is used to identify all construction documents prepared by the registrant or under the registrant’s supervision and control for use in Texas. The seal can be either a rubber stamp, impression seal, or electronic as long as it will produce a clearly visible and legible image of the seal when copied or reproduced. The design of the seal must be the same as the design of the sample seals provided below except that the name of the registrant and the registrant’s registration number must be substituted for the name and registration number shown. The diameter of the seal must be no smaller than one and one-half (1.5) inches.

Texas Professional Engineer Requirements

On receiving a license, a license holder shall obtain a seal in a design authorized by the board, showing the license holder’s name and the legend “Licensed Professional Engineer” or “Registered Professional Engineer.” Physical and electronic seals shall be of the design illustrated below and shall be no larger than two inches. Regardless of seal size, the engineer’s name and number must be clearly legible.

Texas Irrigator Requirements

Each irrigator, upon being licensed with the commission, shall obtain a seal. The license number should be displayed horizontally in the center, excluding “LI” and the leading zeros. For example, LI0017234 would become 17234. The seal must be circular; and not less than 1-1/2 inches in diameter.

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