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ClassiX Jurat/Affidavit Stamp


The ClassiX Jurat/Affidavit Stamp has the required language for each state,
for when the document you are notarizing is missing it.

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  Impression: 1 1/2" x 3"
Expiration Date:
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The ClassiX Jurat/Affidavit Stamp is pre-designed with the required information for documents that contain no notarial wording.

  • Impression measures 1 1/2" x 3"
  • Included imprint is required for conducting Jurat / Affidavit acts in your state
  • Deep molded polymer stamp plate and reinforced slide mechanism is sturdy, quiet and smooth
  • Self-inking stamp gives 1,000s of impressions in 8 bright colors
  • Easy to re-ink or replace ink cartridge that slides out without locking the stamp
  • Rubber feet keep stamp from slipping when making an impression
ClassiX stamps give you superior value in self-inking stamps and come standard with a 100% lifetime guarantee, no questions asked!

One of the aspects that many people find the most difficult is how to stamp to leave the best impression when they are first beginning to use their stamp. Find out how to correctly use your self-inking stamp to leave a crisp and clear impression every time.


The ClassiX Jurat/Affidavit Stamp adds convenience to documents that contain no notarial wordings or certificates.

The ClassiX Jurat / Affidavit Stamp features a replacement cartridge that slides out without locking the stamp, which results in less chance of getting ink on your hands.

You'll love the ridges on the sides of the mount that offer a no-slip grip, as does the rubber feet at the base.

The ClassiX Jurat / Affidavit Stamp requires less pressure to make an impression because of the slide mechanism is sturdier than its predecessors, offering a quieter, smoother stamping action.

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