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Inspection Stamps | Stamp-Connection.com

Custom Inspection Stamps

Clearly show which parts, documents, blueprints, building plans, or packages have been approved or inspected with a stamp. 

What Are The Different Types Of Inspection Stamp?

Metal Plug Inspection Stamps

Dural industrial pocket stamps are made of lightweight cast aluminum, with a acid resistant plastic base and cover. The cover contains a ink felt pad to easily reink the stamp after each use. The rubber stamp is cemented to the aluminum body for a permanent bond. These durable stamps are designed with a hole to mount a chain or string to be worn around the neck. Commonly used for quality control, inspection marking on airplane parts, metal fabrication, and photography watermarks. Dural stamps are designed to be used with Mark II fast dry ink.

dural inspection stamp metal plug

Self Inking Inspection Stamps

QA (quality assurance) and QC (quality control) are essential for many manufacturing businesses. A self-inking inspector stamp can help improve speed and accuracy versus handwriting. Self-inking inspections stamps are affordable, low maintenance, and perfect for marking paperwork. They flip down and flip back up to reink the stamp. Allowing you to stamp repetitively and rapidly. Self-inking stamps are fully customizable, meaning you can add text, upload artwork, or blend of both. Available in 8 unique water-based ink colors.

colop self inking inspection stamp

Pre-Inked Inspection Stamps

Pre-inked stamps are great when you need a long-lasting, reliable stamp that will give you a high-quality bold impression every time. The Shiny Premier stamps use a light burst technology, for a photo-like quality stamp impression. Xstamper uses laser-cut rubber for a sharp, ultra clear stamp impression. Both are pre-inked with a specially formulated dyestuff oil-based ink that resists water and detergents. Pre-inked stamps have a built in, refillable reservoir of oil-based ink. These stamps do not require a separate ink pad. The oil based ink is resistant to water and smearing once dry. Pre-inked stamps that use oil-based ink are not recommended for non-porous materials. Available in 11 vibrant oil-based ink colors.

Pre-Inked Lipstick Mystamp Inspection Stamp

Multi-Surface (Non-Porous) Inspection Stamps

Multi-surface inspection stamps provide permanent marking on non-porous surfaces, these stamps are great when you need something to stay on instead of smearing. They are perfect for glossy surfaces like metal, most plastics, glass, photographs, leather, and more. Multi-surface stamps are not recommended for stamping on porous materials like paper. These stamps are pre-inked with fast-drying ink, with dry times of 10-45 seconds (depending on the surface). Using light burst, or 'flash' technology, these stamps produce a near photographic quality impression. And with a large built-in ink reservoir, you get more impressions than most self-inking stamps before needing to add more ink. Available in black, red, and blue ink colors.



Premier Multi surface inspection stamp

Inspection Stamp Features

Multiple Designs Available

Customize with your personal initials, an inspector number, employee ID number, a custom message, or a logo.

Rectangle or Round

Choose the shape and size of your inspection stamp impression, depending on your specific needs.

Specially Formatted Inks

Inspection stamps are available in a wide range of inks and colors for all types of surfaces.

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