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Date Stamps

Custom and Stock Date Stamps

Organize Your Documents, Invoices, and Other Paperwork With A Date Stamp

Shop All Date Stamps

Date Stamps In Every Brand


picture of the Trodat brand logo above 3 different Trodat date stamps


picture of the 2000 Plus brand logo above 3 2000+ date stamps


picture of the Shiny brand logo above 3 Shiny date stamps


picture of the Xstamper brand logo above 3 Xstamper date stamps

What Type Of Date Stamp Do You Need?

Custom Message & Date Stamps

Add your name, custom text, or a design above and below the date with these Custom Message Date Stamps. - Type out multiple lines of text in a variety of fonts and sizes. - 1 or 2 colors. Make everything the same color or change the date color for contrast. - Rectangle, Square, and Round shapes available. - Sizes range from 3/16" to over 4".

picture of a Shiny brand D-4 Traditional Date stamp with knob handle
picture of a Shiny brand D-4 Traditional Date stamp with knob handle

Date Only Stamps

When all you need is the Day, Month, and Year, a Date Only Stamp will get the job done. - Plastic Self-Inking Date Stamps are compact, lightweight, and great from fast, repeated stamping. - Traditional (knob handle) Date Stamps are best when you need an inexpensive, small, but tough date stamp. - Heavy Duty Date Only Stamps are best for heavy office use and other rugged applications.

Date & Number Stamps

Add a set of numbers to your date stamp for tracking inventory, prices, and more with these Date & Number Stamps. - Number bands include 0-9 and extra symbols for math, currency, temperature, weight, etc... - Choose 4, 6, 8, or 10 number bands. - Date + Number only, or Date + Number + Custom Text available depending on your needs.

picture of a 2 Shiny brand Date and Number stamps with example of the impression overlaid on the stamp

Date Stamp Features

picture of a Shiny brand D-4 Traditional Date stamp with knob handle

3 Date Formats

US Standard (DEC 31 2022) European Standard (31 DEC 2022) ISO International (2022 DEC 31)

picture of a Shiny brand D-4 Traditional Date stamp with knob handle

Rectangle or Round

Choose the shape of your impression, depending on your specific needs.

picture of 3 heavy duty date stamps, a Trodat Professional, a 2000+ Expert, and Shiny Heavy Metal date stamp.

Use For 10+ Years

Stamp the date, every day, for over a decade with these date stamps.

Find Your Date Stamp Now

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