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Number Stamps | Stamp-Connection.com

Number Stamps

Stay Organized With Adjustable Number Stamps

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Traditional Number Stamps

picture of 3 different sized, traditional number stamps from Shiny

Simple, durable, easy to use number stamps

image showing number stamp digit sequence from 6 to 16 digits

Choose from 6, 8, 10, 12, 14, 15, or 16 number bands

image showing the number digits and symbol characters avaiable on each number band

All number bands come with 0-9 and other symbols

Number Only Stamps

picture of 3 different heavy duty number stamps from Shiny, Trodat, and Cosco 2000 Plus

Strong stamp frame with ergonomic handle

picture of a Trodat brand heavy duty stamp, upside down, showing the built in ink pad

Fast stamping and clean hands with built in ink pad

image of lines of number digits, 1 thru 9, in ink colors black, red, blue, green, brown, pink, purple, and orange

Choose from 8 vibrant ink colors

Number Stamps with Custom Text

picture of 2 Trodat Professional Number stamps and 2 Cosco 2000+ Classic number stamps, side by side

Strong stamp frame with ergonomic handle

image of number stamp impresison with text above and below

Add custom text above and below the numbers

image of a computer screen with the Stamp-Connection.com Designer page showing

Add your text with the easy to use designer

Number and Date Stamps

picture of 3 Shiny date/number stamps

Strong metal frame stamps with an ergonomic handle

image of a date/number stamp impression with other symbols below the numbers

All bands include numbers 0-9 and other symbols

image of 3 date configurations, month, day year; day, month, year; year, month, day

Date bands can be configured 3 different ways

Number and Date Stamps With Custom Text

picture of 3 Shiny date/number/text stamps

Strong metal frame stamps with an ergonomic handle

image of a sample impression for a Date/Number/Text custom rubber stamp

Combine Date - Numbers - Text all in one stamp

Easily add text in our easy to use online designer

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