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Traditional Number Stamps

traditional band number stamp lineup

Traditional number stamps allow you to mark files, important legal documents, and other items that require numbers easily with bands that change to the number you want. Traditional styled number stamps are easy to use and extremely reliable. The steel framed manual numbering and dating stamps are built to endure thousands of impressions. When you need the exact size for an area, these traditional band stamps will be the right fit. Select from the number of bands you need and then choose the height of the stamp. Here are some of the top features of our traditional number stamps: Digit Size
• Deeply etched bands have digit heights that range in size from 1/8" to 11/16"
Number Bands
• Choose how many number of bands you need, from 6 to 16.
• Each rotatable number band has digits 0-9 and also comes with extra symbols, useful for currency, temperature, weight, date, math, and other uses.
Ink Pad & Colors
Separate Stamp Pad required, available in 3 colors - Black, Blue, Red.

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