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Corporate Seals & Stamps

embossed corporate gold foil seal and fountain ink pen

A corporate or company seal is an official mark or signature of a corporation, and signifies that the document on which it is affixed is a formal, legally binding corporate act. Some states require the use of a corporate seal while others hold that the signature of an individual authorized to bind the company is the official corporate act. With multiple options to order for your corporate seal needs, you can find the stamp or embosser that will work best for you. See more description below... Corporate Seal Stamps
• High quality stamps will last for years and multiple impressions.
• Available in multiple stamp styles: Self-Inking, Pre-Inked, and Wood Stamp.
Corporate Seal Embossers
• Multiple sizes available: Hand Held, Desk Top, and Heavy Duty.
• Customizable alignment, depending on which side of the page you need to emboss.
• Make your embossed seal impressions more visible and easy to fax, scan, or copy with a impression ink pad.
Corporate Digital Seals
• Created in both JPG and PDF format.
• The fastest way to get your Corporate Seal, it is emailed to you immediately after it's created.

Stamp-Connection prides itself on customer service, fast turn-around, and affordable prices. We have over 100 years of experience and are here to help you find the stamp you need. If you have any questions or need recommendations, Call us, Email us, or Visit in person. Every stamp we sell is 100% guaranteed for life, no questions asked!

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