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Custom date stamps save time and increase productivity.

Custom Date Stamps


Date stamps, also referred to as daters, are available in several sizes and styles. Changeable date stamps provide an easy way to mark your documents, including:

  • Incoming and outgoing mail
  • Sales receipts and invoices
  • Bills and other important documents

Add personalized custom text to your date stamp to increase versatility. Whether it's traditional,
self-inking or pre-inked, there's a changeable date stamp for you.


Rectangle Date Stamps Single Line and Date Only Stamps Round Date Stamps Traditional Date Stamps
Rectangle Date Stamps Single Line and
Date Only Stamps
Round Date Stamps Traditional Date Stamps

2000 Plus Classic Line Daters 2000 Plus Expert Line Daters 2000 Plus Green Line Daters Xstamper Daters ClassiX Daters
2000 Plus Classic Line
Date Stamps
2000 Plus Expert Line
Date Stamps
2000 Plus Green Line
Date Stamps
Date Stamps
Date Stamps


Learn more about the different date stamp brands

Xstamper Pre-Inked Date Stamps are smooth and quiet, with a retractable frame, keeping it clean and removing the need for messy stamp pads. They are sturdy, allowing up to 50,000 impressions before needing to be re-inked and Xstamper ink is a specially formulated oil-based ink that resists washing away, provideing a high-quality impression. Built to last, VersaDater stamps include 8 years of date bands while XpeDater stamps have 6 years of date bands.

2000 Plus Self-Inking Date Stamps are perfect for fast, repetitive stamping and come standard with 6 years of date bands. With a built-in pad and spring mechanism, they re-ink automatically between each impression. The three different lines of 2000 Plus Date Stamps all have handles infused with Microban antimicrobial additive and use water-based ink:

  • Classic Line, light-weight and heavy-duty stamps are available in many sizes
  • Expert Line, the ALL steel frame makes this perfect for your hardest jobs
  • Green Line, made from 60% post-consumer recycled plastic with a wooden handle, it is good for the environment and your wallet

ClassiX Self-Inking Date Stamps include 11 year bands on all models, making this one of the longest lasting self-inking date stamps. Like all self-inking stamps it has a built-in pad that re-inks the stamp automatically between each impression and uses water-based ink. Featuring a replacement cartridge that easily slides out without locking the stamp, it results in less chance of getting ink on your hands or clothes. Purchase replacement cartridges in the same or different colors to instantly exchange and change colors.

Traditional Date Stamps use a separate ink pad, making them the most flexible date stamps out there. With the widest range of date sizes, you can be sure you'll find the stamp that will fit the stamping area. These date stamps come with up to 12 years of date bands that include a blank space on every band. Use with a Mark II Stamp Pad to stamp on any surface, or switch up the color just by changing the stamp pad.


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