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Custom Round Stamps

Follow our easy, 3 step process to order your next round Inspector Stamp.
      1. Find the right size impression, from 3/8" to 2" in diameter.
      2. Select the type of stamp that works best with your stamping surface.
      3. Customize with text or upload an image to get exactly the stamp you want.
Need help finding the type of stamp that is right for you? Call us with any questions. Every stamp we sell is 100% guaranteed for life, no questions asked!

3/8" Diameter Stamps
Xstamper N30 StampXstamper N30 StampPrice: $22.15
1/2" Diameter Stamps
Dural #0 Metal Inspection StampDural #0 Metal Inspection StampPrice: $10.30
2000 Plus R12 Stamp2000 Plus R12 StampPrice: $12.95
Xstamper N60 StampXstamper N60 StampPrice: $20.75
5/8" Diameter Stamps
ClassiX P15 StampClassiX P15 StampPrice: $12.70
2000 Plus R17 Stamp2000 Plus R17 StampPrice: $13.60
Ideal/Trodat 170R Round StampIdeal/Trodat 170R Round StampPrice: $13.90
Xstamper N62 StampXstamper N62 StampPrice: $20.75
Xstamper N32 StampXstamper N32 StampPrice: $24.95
3/4" Diameter Stamps
Dural #1 Metal Inspection StampDural #1 Metal Inspection StampPrice: $10.30
Xstamper N48 StampXstamper N48 StampPrice: $29.55
1" Diameter Stamps
Xstamper N51 StampXstamper N51 StampPrice: $30.85
1 1/4" Diameter Stamps
ClassiX P17 StampClassiX P17 StampPrice: $20.60
Ideal/Trodat 310R Round StampIdeal/Trodat 310R Round StampPrice: $23.00
iStamp IS49 Stamp (F35)iStamp IS49 Stamp (F35)Price: $34.60
Xstamper N49 StampXstamper N49 StampPrice: $35.25
MultiSurface MS49 StampMultiSurface MS49 StampPrice: $42.50
1 5/8" Diameter Stamps
ClassiX P16 StampClassiX P16 StampPrice: $22.85
Ideal/Trodat 400R Round StampIdeal/Trodat 400R Round StampPrice: $25.00
Xstamper N53 StampXstamper N53 StampPrice: $50.25
1 3/4" Diameter Stamps
ClassiX P18 StampClassiX P18 StampPrice: $29.50
2000 Plus Classic Line R2045 Stamp2000 Plus Classic Line R2045 StampPrice: $53.90
2" Diameter Stamps
Ideal/Trodat 500R Round StampIdeal/Trodat 500R Round StampPrice: $31.50
Custom Rubber Stamps
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