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We are adjusting our prices March 1st, 2017

Shiny Brand StampsWe have some good news and we have some great news. This year, thanks to a growing relationship with a new supplier in our industry, we are able to offer a full line of high quality  self-inking products at a lower cost than the previous brands we have sold for the last few years. This new relationship with Shiny America allows us to keep our prices lower than our competitors while offering one of the best made brands in the industry. Check out the complete line of products here: Shiny Home Page.

2000 Plus Brand Stamps Trodat Brand Stamps
Xstamper Brand Stamps

That was the great news. The good news is that we only have to pass on a small price increase that we received from our other vendors on a select few brands. Products from Trodat and 2000 Plus will have a slight 5% increase this year. The prices for our premier pre-inked brand Xstamper will remain the same.

Embosser Home PageThanks to our new relationship with Shiny America, we are also able to DRASTICALLY reduce the cost of our embosser offerings. Our hand held and standard desktop models will now start at less than $30.00. We think that this will make a huge impact for our customers and allow us to be the leader once again in custom designed embossers. You can see the complete line of embosser products here: Embosser Home Page.

Buttons and KeychainsIn the coming months, we will be rolling out some exciting new products as well. We will be offering a full line of engraved recognition awards and plaques to go along with our other engraved offerings. We will also be offering custom buttons and key chains at a highly competitive price. Look for the introduction of these new products over the next few months.

Custom Rubber Stamps
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