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California Notary Seals


Government Code Section 8207, precludes the manufacture of any notary public seal except by a permit holder.

Only notary public seals produced or manufactured by a permit holder can be duplicated, sold or offered for sale to California notaries public including replacement seals for those previously produced or manufactured. 


The manufacturer shall include on the notary public seal all the required elements as provided for in Government Code Section 8207 as follows:

  • The name of the notary public;
  • The State Seal;
  • The words "Notary Public";
  • The filing county shown on the certificate of authorization;
  • The notary public commission expiration date;
  • The notary public commission number;
  • The manufacturer identification number. 

The seal may be circular not over two inches in diameter, or may be rectangular not more than one inch in width by two and one-half inches in length, with a serrated or milled edged border.

Notary public seals must also embody all of the following attributes:

  • Be unique to the person using it;
  • Be capable of verification;
  • Be under the sole control of the person using it; and;
  • Be accepted in the same format and appearance as transmitted. 

PLEASE NOTE: A manufacturer may produce a seal based on the receipt of a facsimile copy of the original Certificate of Authorization but the manufacturer shall not release possession of the notary public seal until the original Certificate of Authorization has been received and examined for authenticity.

A notary public seal produced based on the receipt of a facsimile copy of the original Certificate of Authorization shall be destroyed by the manufacturer if the original Certificate of Authorization is not received and found to be authentic within thirty (30) days of the seal’s production.