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Massachusetts Notary Seals

State of Massachusetts Official Notary Seal Requirements

All of Stamp-Connection's Notary Public Stamps & Seals meet the requirements in the Massachusetts state code. They are as follows:

Massachusettes General Laws - Pt III - Title 1 - Ch 222 - Section 8
(b) A notary public shall keep an official notarial seal or stamp that shall be the exclusive property of the notary public. A notary public shall not permit another to use such notarial seal or stamp. A notary public shall obtain a new seal or stamp upon renewal of the commission, upon receipt of a new commission or if the name of the notary public has changed. The notarial seal or stamp shall include: (i) the notary public's name exactly as indicated on the commission; (ii) the words ''notary public'' and ''Commonwealth of Massachusetts'' or ''Massachusetts''; (iii) the expiration date of the commission in the following words: ''My commission expires ___''; and (iv) a facsimile of the seal of the commonwealth. If a notarial seal that requires ink is employed, black ink shall be used.
Massachusettes General Laws - Pt III - Title 1 - Ch 222 - Section 22
(a) Except as provided in subsection (f), a notary public shall keep, maintain, protect and provide for lawful inspection a chronological official journal of notarial acts performed by the notary public. The journal shall be a permanently bound book with numbered pages, except as otherwise provided in this section.

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