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Oregon Registered Professional Land Surveyor Seals

All of Stamp-Connection's Professional Land Surveyor Seals meet the requirements in the Oregon state code. They are as follows:

820-025-0005 - Official Seal
(1) Seals, as referenced by ORS 672.020(2) and 672.025(2), must contain the printed name of the registrant, the date of registration, the number of the registrant's certificate of registration, and the registrant's professional title. The registrant's printed name on the seal will be exactly the same as the registrant's name on file with the Board.
(2) The size, design and content of the seal will be an exact replica, in style, of the examples shown in Exhibit 1 (Official Seals) for the profession or branch of the profession in which the registrant is licensed. (A tolerance of 1/4" is permitted as to the size of the seal). The expiration or renewal date may be made part of the seal. If the expiration or renewal date is not made part of the seal, it must be handwritten, in permanent ink, after the word "Expires" or “Renews.” Reduced or enlarged seals are not permitted on final documents.
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Digital Oregon Land Surveyor Stamp File (PDF & JPG)

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Traditional Wood Oregon Land Surveyor Stamp


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Shiny Premier EA-5252 Oregon Land Surveyor Stamp


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Trodat 5211 Oregon Land Surveyor Stamp


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Xstamper N22 Oregon Land Surveyor Stamp


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