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South Carolina Notary Seals

State of South Carolina Official Notary Seal Requirements

A seal or stamp must include:

  • The notary’s name
  • The words “notary public” and the words “State of South Carolina.

The expiration date may also be included in the seal, but that is optional.

A notary public must have a seal of office to attach to notarial acts and should indicate below his or her signature the expiration date of his or her commission. Although a lack of seal or expiration date does not invalidate the notarial act if the notary’s official title is attached, it is strongly encouraged that notaries public attach a seal and expiration date.

Choosing a Seal or Stamp: A notary public may use either a rubber stamp or an embosser seal when performing notarial acts. When choosing whether to use a seal or stamp, one thing to consider is that rubber stamps will show up more clearly when scanned electronically. Therefore, if you will be notarizing a lot of documents that will be scanned, you may want to use a rubber stamp rather than an embosser seal.