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South Carolina Notary Seals

State of South Carolina Official Notary Seal Requirements

All of Stamp-Connection's Notary Public Stamps & Seals meet the requirements in the South Carolina state code. They are as follows:

Notary Public Online Manual - Seals and Stamps:
A seal or stamp must include the notary’s name, the words “notary public” and the words “State of South Carolina.”[§26-1-5(18)] The expiration date may also be included in the seal, but that is optional. A notary public’s official title is not defined in statute, but it would likely need to include the words “notary public” and “South Carolina.” For example, your official title could be stated as “South Carolina Notary Public.”
A notary public must have a seal of office to attach to notarial acts and should indicate below his or her signature the expiration date of his or her commission (§26-1-60). Although a lack of seal or expiration date does not invalidate the notarial act if the notary’s official title is attached, it is strongly encouraged that notaries public attach a seal and expiration date.
Notary Public Online Manual - Choosing a Seal or Stamp:
A notary public may use either a rubber stamp or an embosser seal when performing notarial acts. Both seals and stamps can be purchased and personalized at any office supply store. When choosing whether to use a seal or stamp, one thing to consider is that rubber stamps will show up more clearly when scanned electronically. Therefore, if you will be notarizing a lot of documents that will be scanned, you may want to use a rubber stamp rather than an embosser seal.
Are notaries required to keep a journal of notarial acts?
South Carolina notaries public are not required to keep notary journals. However, it is STRONGLY encouraged that you keep one. It is a good idea to have a record of all notarial acts performed in case questions arise related to the execution of a document. An example of a notary journal entry is provided at the end of this manual.

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