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Order Now! Square Fabric Stamps made to mark clothing, bags, caps and more. Choose from 6 ink colors, including white. Free Shipping. No Sales Tax - Ever!

Square Fabric Stamps

Use your square fabric stamp to mark, brand, and tag your clothing or other textiles. Great for putting your branding on custom made clothing, marking your kids t-shirts before going to camp or marking caps, tote bags, or face masks. See some of the key features below...

4 Ink Colors to choose from: Black, Blue, Red, Orange
Machine Washable in hot or cold water
Machine Dry hot or cool
Good for 40+ washes (depending on detergent used and wash/dry cylces)
Works on all absorbent fabrics including: Cotton, Polyester, and more

All Fabric Stamps are now sold through our sister store - RemarkableStamps.com


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