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Wyoming Notary Seals

State of Wyoming Official Notary Seal Requirements

All of Stamp-Connection's Notary Public Stamps & Seals meet the requirements in the Wyoming state code. They are as follows:

Wyoming Statutes - Notaries Public - 32-1-116. Official seal.
(a) For a new notary public commission, or upon renewal, filed on or after July 1, 2021:
  1. The official signature of a notary public shall:
    1. Be filed with the secretary of state on a form prescribed by the secretary of state;
    2. Be reasonably similar to the official signature on file with the secretary of state;
    3. If executed on a tangible record, be in blue or black ink;
    4. If executed on an electronic record, be an electronic image of the official signature submitted to the secretary of state;
    5. Be affixed to all tangible and electronic records for which the notary public conducts a notarial act; and
    6. Conform to any requirements set forth in rule by the secretary of state.
  2. The official stamp of a notary public, whether the impression is on a tangible or electronic record, shall:
    1. Be rectangular in shape and approximately one (1) inch in width by two and one-half (2 1/2) inches in length;
    2. Be in blue or black ink;
    3. Have a border outline;
    4. Contain a block of text within the border outline that includes:
      1. The notary public's name, as it appears on the notary's certificate of commission;
      2. The notary public's name, as it appears on the notary's certificate of commission;
      3. The words "State of Wyoming";
      4. The notary public's identification number;
      5. The words "My commission expires" followed by the expiration date of the notary public's commission; and
      6. Any other information required by the secretary of state.
    5. If it is a physical image, be in blue or black ink and be capable of being copied together with the record to which it is affixed or attached, or with which it is logically associated;
    6. If it is an electronic image, be in the same format, color, content and approximate size as the tangible official stamp and be capable of being copied together with the record to which the official stamp is affixed or attached or with which the official stamp is logically associated;
    7. Be replaced with a new stamp upon each renewed commission term;
    8. Contain the above required content and this information shall not be included, corrected or amended on the stamp through written, typed or any other means;
    10. Not include images of the great seal of the state of Wyoming or any other image or content other than as prescribed in this section.
Keeping a notarial log book, or journal, is not required in Wyoming, although you may wish to do so for your own protection. Depending on the number and types of notarial acts performed, recording official notarial acts in a journal may prove useful later if you need to recall the specifics of a particular notarization. Such an instance might include testifying in a legal proceeding regarding your verification of a signer’s identity and verification that you personally witnessed their signature on a document.

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