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Oregon Notary
Digital Seal

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Oregon Notary Digital Seal (PDF & JPG)

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    NOTE: Due to State Regulations, we must have a copy of your "Certificate of Authorization to Obtain or Manufacture a Seal" before we can manufacture your notary stamp.
    You can upload a copy here or send it by fax to 503-667-1552 or email sales@stamp-connection.com.

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    Special Instructions


    Notification of Secretary of State of the Use of Electronic Notarization

    (1) A notary public who wishes to perform notarial acts with respect to electronic records shall file the following information with the Secretary of State before such notarization:

    (a) Commission name

    (b) Commission number

    (c) Public records address

    (d) Email address

    (e) Name of technology vendor

    (f) Contact information for vendor

    (g) Website for vendor

    (h) A statement under penalty of perjury that the method of electronic notarization meets the July 13, 2011 National Electronic Notarization Standards adopted by the National Association of Secretaries of State. For the purposes of this statement, the notary may rely on a vendor’s declaration that the technology does meet these standards.

    (i) An exemplar of a notarized record that includes the notary’s official stamp, the electronic notarial signature, and the electronic notarial certificate. The exemplar shall be a generic sample and not an actual notarized private record.

    (2) The example provided in section 1 of this rule must be an electronic file submitted in a PDF format.

    (3) In addition to any other technologies used in attaching the electronic notarial signature, the signature must include a graphic reproduction of the notary’s handwritten signature on file with the Secretary of State.

    (4) In addition to any other technologies and information the notary’s official stamp, as evidenced by an official Certificate of Authorization issued by the Secretary of State, shall be logically associated with the notarial certificate and underlying record.

    (5) The notice under this rule shall be emailed to the Secretary of State using the form provided to the notary public.

    The perfect choice for your notary needs, the Electronic Oregon Notary Seal holds all of your notary information and follows the notary rules for the State of Oregon.
    • Meets State Requirements
    • Identical to Stamp Version
    • Comes in PDF and JPG formats at no additional cost


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