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Shiny 855
Pennsylvania Notary Stamp

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Shiny 855 Pennsylvania Notary Stamp

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    Special Instructions

    Seal/Stamping Device

    Notaries public commissioned in Pennsylvania are required to use an official seal to authenticate all the acts, instruments and attestations of the notary public. For paper (versus electronic) notarizations, this is a rubber stamp seal which must have a maximum height of 1 inch and a width of 3 ½ inches with a plain border.

    The stamp/seal must contain, in the following order:

    • The words “Commonwealth of Pennsylvania”
    • The words “Notary Seal”
    • The name as it appears on the commission of the notary public and the words “Notary Public”
    • The name of the county in which the notary public maintains an office
    • The date the notary public's commission expires
    • The notary commission number

    The stamp will no longer contain the municipality in which the notary maintains an office. “Commonwealth of Pennsylvania” is added to the stamp. The proposed regulations of the Department require the inclusion of the notary commission number on the stamp. 

    This is an example of a RULONA-compliant stamp:

    Order the Shiny Pennsylvania Notary Stamp for your Pennsylvania Notary needs.
    • Self-inking stamp gives 1,000s of impressions
    • Push button replacement pad removal system
    • Perfect for fast, repetitive stamping
    The Shiny self-inking stamps are light-weight and perfect for fast, repetitive stamping and come with a 100% lifetime guarantee, no questions asked!

    Re-Inking Instructions

    Shiny Self Inking Stamp Pad Replacement Graphic - small Shiny Self Inking Stamp Pad Replacement Graphic - large

    Stamp Pad Replacement Step-By-Step Instructions

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