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Vintage Pro Wood Mount
3/4" Round Stamp

Your Price $17.95

Vintage Pro 3/4" Round Real Rubber Stamp

Vintage Pro wood stamps are made with a real rubber die, and are designed to be used with solvent based inks. These eco friendly, and highly durable stamps will last for thousands of impressions. The knob handle fits well in most hands and makes repetitive stamping easy. The metal marking pen on the handle, helps indicate the direction of the stamp die plate. State of the art laser engraved rubber die provide the cleanest, sharpest impressions available. The rubber stamp dies are mounted on a 2mm thick foam backing, to help you get a perfect impression every time.

Product Features
  • Impression Size: 3/4" Round
  • Customize Up To 3 Lines Of Text
  • Traditional Stamp Look And Feel
  • Real Rubber Is Safe For Use With Solvent Inks.

     Water-Based Ink

    • Ink Colors: Black, Blue, Red, Green, Brown, Pink, Purple, Orange
    • For use on: Paper based materials
    • Formulated for clean, crisp impressions
    • Will not bleed or fade on most paper stock


    Water-Proof 141 Ink

    • Ink Colors: Black, Blue, Brown, Green, Orange, Purple, Red, Yellow, White
    • For use on: metal, plastic, photo paper, lacquered wood, and more surfaces types.
    • Dry Time: 2-4 minutes (depending on surface) 
    • Heat Gun will Reduce Dry time to Seconds .


    Fast Dry 125 Solvent Based Ink


    • Ink Colors: Black, Blue, Red, or White 
    • For use on: Porous, non-absorbent surfaces including glossy paper, metal, foil, Mylar, and cellophane. 
    • Specially formulated ink dries in 10 - 15 seconds
    • Maintains great adhesion on resin coated photographic paper 
    • USDA approved for food packaging


    UV Invisible Ink

    • Ink Colors: Green
    • Best For: Private events, bank documents, medical companies, universities, and more!
    • The invisible ink we offer has been tested and approved as safe to use on skin.
    • special purpose ink is revealed when exposed to a UV Black Light wavelength of 200nm to 400nm.
    • Ink cannot be easily washed away by just water or sweat.


     Traditional Stamp Pads

    • For Use With: Water-based inks only
    • Fine textured cotton surface, designed for use with water-based inks only.
    • Stamps 15,000 impressions without wearing out 
    • Specially formulated ink for clean, crisp impressions.


    Air-Tight Industrial Pad

    • For Use With: Solvent based stamp inks. 
    • The industrial hi-seal stamp pads use an air-tight rubber seal and lock to help extend the life of the pad.
    • The sealed pad prevents the alcohol solvent based inks from evaporating and damaging the pad.
    • Hi-seal pads are recommended for all types of stamp designs.


    Porous Stone Industrial Pad

    • For Use With: Solvent based stamp inks. 
    • Porous stone pad help prevent you from over saturating your imprint with ink
    • Recommended for stamps with fine details, and a small surface area. Like small text.
    • The Stone pad is designed to not oversaturated the stamp when using it.
    • Stone pads are not recommended for stamp designs that require a lot of ink for each impression.

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