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Arizona Notary Seals

State of Arizona Official Notary Seal Requirements

All of Stamp-Connection's Notary Public Stamps & Seals meet the requirements in the Arizona State code. They are as follows:

A.R.S. § 41-313 Duties
D. Notaries public shall:
1. Keep, maintain and protect as a public record a journal of all official acts performed by the notary as described in section 41-319.
2. Provide and keep the official seal that is imprinted in dark ink with the words "notary public", the name of the county in which the notary is commissioned, the name of the notary as it appears on the notarial application, the great seal of the state of Arizona, the notarial commission number and the expiration date of the notarial commission.
A.R.S. § 41-321 Obtaining a seal
A. A vendor of notary seals may not provide an official seal to a person unless the person presents a photocopy of the person's notarial commission. The vendor shall retain the photocopy for four years.
B. A notary public's official seal may be any shape and shall produce a stamped seal that is no more than one and one-half inches high and two and one-half inches wide. A notary public may possess only one official seal but may also possess and use an embossing seal that may be used only in conjunction with the notary public's official seal. An embossing seal is not an official seal of a notary public.
A.R.S. § 41-319. Journal
A. The notary shall keep a paper journal and, except as prescribed by subsection E of this section, shall keep only one journal at a time. The notary shall record all notarial acts in chronological order. The notary shall furnish, when requested, a certified copy of any public record in the notary's journal.

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