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New Mexico Professional Engineer Seals

State of New Mexico Professional Engineer Seal Requirements

All of Stamp-Connection's Engineer Stamps & Seals meet the requirements in the New Mexico state code. They are as follows: SEAL OF LICENSEE
A. Each licensed professional engineer shall obtain a seal/stamp, which shall appear on all final engineering design drawings, the certification page of all specifications and engineering reports prepared by the licensee in responsible charge. Adjacent to the seal/stamp shall appear the original signature of the licensee along with the date the signature was applied. Rubber stamps signatures are not acceptable. Electronic signatures as provided by law and board’s policy shall be acceptable.
B. The seal/stamp shall be the impression type seal, the rubber type, or a computer-generated facsimile. Computer generated seals shall be bona fide copies of the actual seal/stamp specific to the work being presented.
C. The design of the seal/stamp shall consist of either:
1. three concentric circles, the outermost circle being one and one-half inches in diameter, the middle circle being one inch in diameter, and the innermost circle being one-half inch in diameter. The outer ring shall contain the words, "professional engineer" and the licensee's name. The inner ring shall contain the words "New Mexico". The center circle shall contain the license number issued by the board. Any border pattern used by the manufacturer is acceptable; or
2. a design approved by the board which contains the words "professional engineer", the licensee's name, "New Mexico", and the license number issued by the board each in text no less than 0.2 inches in height.
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Digital New Mexico Engineer Stamp File (PDF & JPG)

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Traditional Wood New Mexico Engineer Stamp

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Trodat 4642 New Mexico Engineer Stamp

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2000 Plus HD R40 New Mexico Engineer Stamp

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Xstamper N53 New Mexico Engineer Stamp

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Trodat 52045 (previously 5215) New Mexico Engineer Stamp

$60.95 Add to Cart

Shiny 6009 New Mexico Engineer Stamp

$68.95 Add to Cart

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