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Designer Round Address Stamps - Choose a round template and  customize with your address
Envelope with designer round address stamp impression

Designer Round Address Stamps - Choose a Template

These stamps are pre-designed with the best fonts and styles. Personalize your envelopes, bring style to stationary, or even create your own cards. With so many fun ways to use your stamp, you'll want more than one.

Which design would you like for your stamp?

Don't see the design you want? Find more options to choose from on our Address Stamp page.

STEP 1: Choose your designSTEP 2: Select your stampSTEP 3: Customize with your text
Benguiat Frisky Address - 1109Simple Damask - 1013Mr and Mrs - 1057Elegant Round
Pine Tree Address - 1118Edwardo Romano - 1107Browser Romantiques - 1113Murray Hill Monogram Address - 1110
Damask Letterpress - 1010Beamer - 1116Tree with Initials - 1117Daisies - 1008
Modern Dots - 1015Tree - 1007Damask Swirl - 1058Monogram Family - 1012
Star RoundLove Birds Style - 1009Elegant Monogram - 1002Murray Hill Address - 1108
Classic Style - 1017Benguiat Frisky Monogram - 1111Rockin Reedus - 1112Calligraphy Script - 1005
Dots RoundWright Palatino - 1115   
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