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Pennsylvania Licensed Architect Seal Requirements

A licensee shall, upon licensure, obtain a metal seal, of the design authorized by the Board, bearing the licensee's name and license number and the legend, "Architect." A stamp design identical to the prescribed seal may be obtained and used in lieu of, or in conjunction with, a seal. A seal or stamp combining the names of a number of architects in a firm may be used in lieu of individual seals or stamps, if the names of the individual licensees, their license numbers, and the legend "Architects" appear on the combined seal or stamp, and the members of the firm are licensed to practice architecture in this Commonwealth. If one or more members of the firm are not licensed by the Board, the individual architect who is professionally responsible for the work of the firm in this Commonwealth is required to use his individual seal or stamp on that work.

Pennsylvania Professional Engineer, Geologist, and Land Surveyor Seal Requirements

A registrant shall obtain, at the registrant's own expense, a seal in the design authorized by the Board. The seal shall contain the legend "Registered Professional Engineer," "Registered Professional Land Surveyor" or "Registered Professional Geologist" and the registrant's name and registration number. The seal shall be 1 3/4 inch in diameter. The diameter of a pocket seal may be reduced to 1 1/2 inch if the design is in the same relative proportions. A registrant may use a rubber stamp or computer image which is a facsimile of the seal, if the registrant first obtains a seal in accordance with this section.

Pennsylvania Licensed Landscape Architect Seal Requirements

An approved seal or stamp will be required for a registrant for the purpose of signing and sealing drawings, preliminary documents, specifications and contract documents. Only one registered landscape architect's name may be used per seal. However, more than one seal or stamp may appear on drawings, specifications, and documents. A registrant shall be required to obtain the authorized seal or a rubber stamp.

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